New Jersey AIDS Walk

New Jersey AIDS Walk 2017

Five of New Jersey’s leading AIDS service organizations have unified their efforts to produce a single state-wide awareness and fundraising event on Sunday May 7, 2017. In five locations throughout New Jersey, thousands of people will walk in solidarity to support people living with HIV/AIDS. Find out more about THE WALK.


The HIV Crisis in New Jersey

Today over 38,000 New Jerseyans are battling HIV/AIDS. Get involved by participating in the New Jersey AIDS Walk, organize a team with your friends or co-workers, become a sponsor, volunteer some time. HIV doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, sexual identity, where you live, what you do, the color of your skin, the god you pray to, or the kind of car you drive. Prevention, detection, and treatment save lives. Join us to spread hope and compassion. Help us create more awareness of the New Jersey AIDS Walk by broadcasting this event to your friends through Social Media. Find out more about WHO WE ARE.