Who We Are

New Jersey AIDS Walk — Who We Are

We are your friends, your neighbors, your business associates. We are the friendly face in the coffee shop, the smile sitting in the park reading the newspaper. We go to your church. We have day jobs and night jobs. The New Jersey AIDS Walk is about saving lives through HIV prevention, detection, and treatment of HIV and AIDS.

We are professional social workers, licensed counselors, doctors, nurses, community activists and concerned citizens. We are programming managers. We are overnight attendants. We are bookkeepers, office managers and full-time volunteers. We are the New Jersey AIDS Walk — a consortium of New Jersey’s largest and most active AIDS service organizations and community action networks. We work everyday to improve the lives of over 37,000 New Jersey residents fighting HIV/AIDS.

We are growing. Each year we garner new partners to join our ranks in the fight against AIDS. These partners have allowed us to consistently increase event revenue, and thus redirect these funds to support people living with HIV/AIDS in New Jersey. We are committed to spending at least 75% of our revenue directly on AIDS program and facility expenses, keeping administrative and marketing expenses to a strict minimum.

In fiscal year 2016, we are proud to report that over 89% of all income was directly distributed to AIDS Service Organizations throughout the state of New Jersey. We cannot afford to let donor dollars cross state lines to support other walks when so many residents of New Jersey need help.

We provide the solution to improve lives in New Jersey. All we ask is that you walk with us, see who we are and what we do. Join us on May 7th!